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Islanders' Griffin Reinhart Named Captain...of Edmonton...the *Active* Edmonton

"I'm Captain Griff. I can take both of these guys, easy."
"I'm Captain Griff. I can take both of these guys, easy."

In our quest for news bits and discussion fodder that is not strictly lock[expletive]-related, we hereby present and celebrate Griffin Reinhart, the top New York Islanders* pick in the 2012 NHL** Draft, as he has been named captain of his WHL squad, the Edmonton Oil Kings.

*That's a club in a league of teams that used to play hockey
**That's a league that used to organize hockey games

From the story photo you know Reinhart already can rock an awesome playoff beard. From the reaction video you know he's excited and his teammates support the decision. From his Twitter you know he's a pretty entertaining young player. Reinhart is signed to an ELC, so he's poised for another strong year in juniors and maybe the NHL will have actual games come this month next year.

So congratulations to Griffin Reinhart on becoming captain of Edmonton's top active hockey team.