Must Read IPB Exclusive on Don Monti (the RFQ guy who really, really likes us)

A great piece of reporting by Kevin Schultz at Islanders Point Blank, a great Islander blog and one of the few with actual reporting (not to be confused with the Islanders Point Blank comment section) on Donald Monti CEO of Renaissance Downtowns, one of the four developers who responded to Nassau County's RFQ and the only one who was public about his desire to work with Charles Wang to keep the Islanders at the Hub. Read the piece, but Monti really seems to get it. He paints an interesting vision of the Hub which avoids the kind of LHP-style residential development that ran into ToH opposition (Monti is already working on a nearby residential project in the Village of Hempstead, which he thinks will dovetail nicely with his HUB plan).

Of course, this is all at a very early stage. First, the County may very well choose one of the other developers. But perhaps most significantly, Monti has had no contact with Wang. I find this second bit most concerning: one would think that if Wang wants to stay, he would have at least had some preliminary discussions with a developer who is eager to work with him. It could be that he wants to keep any talk private. Or maybe he's taking a wait and see approach. But if it's the latter, one has to wonder how that Wang's patience is consistent with Wang and co.'s regular warnings regarding the looming 2015 deadline.

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