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Islanders Single-Game Tickets on Sale Aug. 10...13...15...16

Season-opening foe?
Season-opening foe?

The schedule for the New York Islanders season that many fear won't start on time has been out for a while.

When it originally came out in June, other than it being written in "disappearing ink" the reactions focused on oddities such as the three Western opponents the Isles will see twice: The Blues, Wild and Ducks. (That draw looked a little better in June before the Wild added both Ryan Suter and Zach Parise.)

Now we're at the stage where individual tickets are about to go on sale. In accordance with our multi-segmented times, there is no single launch date. Instead:

  • Aug. 10 - Exclusive season ticket holder presale begins
  • Aug. 13 - Social media presale opens
  • Aug. 15 - Ticketmaster and Coliseum Connection subscribers (LMFAO, Nickelback anyone?) get a crack
  • Aug. 16 - You general, unwashed masses -- yes you, over there, have you ever even kissed a girl?

As noted, a season of 30,000 travel miles and 16 back-to-backs begins with a back-to-back against Pennsylvania Atlantic foes, with the home opener coming on the back leg against the Flyers.

Now then, we have active readers from around the Island, Jersey and well, well beyond. Looking at the schedule, which individual games will you be targeting? How many of you have partial (or full) plans already?