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Bits: Corey Trivino Pleads, Islanders Predictions Begin

You sir, are no John Tavares.
You sir, are no John Tavares.

Yesterday's tangential Islanders news had to do with 2008 draft pick Corey Trivino pleading guilty and receiving two years probation in his assault and battery case, apologizing in court while his victim expressed her pain through tears. His lawyer talked of expecting an NHL contract and to be in camp "by the end of the month," which seem like tenuous grips on reason.

There seemed to be some confusion over whether the Islanders even still had his rights, but my reading of the CBA would say his expulsion from school made his rights lapse on June 1 just like a Gregoire or Kessel. (The rights of those who graduate with their senior class stay until Aug. 15.) Regardless, probably moot as he's not likely to see another Isles camp. Maybe he gets back on track somewhere though.