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Islanders Bits: Grizzly Adams, eh?

Grizzly Adams enter(s?) the ice in Wolfsburg.
Grizzly Adams enter(s?) the ice in Wolfsburg.

The things you learn in the strangest ways. Via Michael Fornabaio (and closer to the root, eliteprospects) comes news on a former Islander: Justin Papineau (scroll down on this translation page) is retiring at age 32 after a host of back surgeries that were not allowing him to play without debilitating pain.

That's really too bad for Papineau (who, in the nicknames of our times, was sometimes accidentally spoken in comments here instead of P.A. Parenteau). At least Papineau, acquired in the Chris Osgood trade, was able to enjoy what sounds like some good post-North American hockey stops in Germany.

And that's why I call attention to it here: One of those stops was Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg. No, I am not making that up. They really exist, and they're really named after the fictional character and/or the real-life trapper the character was loosely based on.

I know there are all sorts of interesting team names in Europe (Grizzly Adams compete against the Hamburg Freezers, owned by reclusive sports tycoon Phil Anschutz) -- and on North American shores as well (how Wild!) -- but Grizzly Adams took me by surprise. What, no Hasselhoff?

Other fuller reads around Islanders country and the general NHL:

LHH Community Notes

First, two notes for regular community members here:

Brooklyn: If you are still interested in group tickets (i.e. getting tickets with the LHH group) to the Oct. 2 Brooklyn exhibition game and have not recently let me know, drop me a line.

LHH Pick-up Game Participants (you know who you are): Pay your fee! If you showed interest in the pick-up game Russel is organizing, please read this FanPost and follow the instructions. You know it's a lot of leg work to put these together, so don't leave Russel hanging.


A brief run-down of the four developers who responded to the County's RFQ for the Coliseum site.

All sorts of fun in this article, where paying up to keep Matt Carkner would've kept the Senators above the cap floor:

the Senators blew it by not re-signing defenceman Matt Carkner. Nobody knew at the time — not even Carkner — that the Islanders would go overboard by giving him a three year deal worth $4.5 million. Before becoming a free agent, all Carkner was asking from the Senators was a two-year contract worth $1.6 million. He simply wanted an extra year, from what was offered, as a little bit of a guarantee for him and his family, to keep playing in his hometown. But the Senators were too worried about the condition of his damaged knee.

In retrospect, Murray himself must be regretting that one.

I disagree, but hey that's why they play the games or something.

Dynasty in the Buff: This will be the only time I can legitimately point you to Penthouse. (actually, it's nhl history girl and it's safe for work...barely)

Interesting read on a few potential measures of progress for the Oilers.

Hey, the betting odds for the Isles to win the Cup have...stayed the same. But now Columbus' odds are worse!


There there, it's nothing to cry about.