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Tree Falls in a Forest: NHL, Islanders National TV Schedule Released

Grabner was here.
Grabner was here.

Try not to laugh, but the NHL optimistically released its national TV broadcast schedules for the 2012-13 season, which can only hope does not become the 2013-13 season, or even worse, the 2012-13 -- DNP season.

(Sorry, but it's hard not to look at every league development right now through the suspicious lens of propaganda or under the shadow of lockout threats, or both.)

Anyway, whether you are in the U.S. or Canada, you can make a handy pocket schedule,, or perhaps use the back of an ice cream stand napkin, to remind yourself when the Islanders will be shown for continent-wide eyes. If you're out of market, these are the date(s) you can catch the Isles without Center Ice:

Notes for your napkin:

  • Oct. 22 the Islanders host the Panthers on NBC Sports and TSN2. (It's one of three league games that night.)
  • In February and March -- twice each -- the Islanders play the Canadiens, which are shown on CBC and/or RDS in Canada.

There you have it. Enjoy!

You can see the full Islanders schedule here. Leaguewide, you can see a full breakdown by Steve Lepore.