LHH Hockey game: AUG. 25th. 730PM-930PM. FINAL POST

The Bethpage Ice Rink: Saturday night August 25th, 2012 for 2 hours: 730PM -930PM.

Address: 1001 Stewart AVE, Bethpage NY 11714

Map Quest is your friend if you don’t know how to get there.

AS OF today August 23, the following players have paid:

Turgeon1992 and friend Greg

Strong Island Thugery


East Side Islander

Russel Ginart


It is too late for anyone to mail in payment. I won't get it in time for Saturday, so bring cash to the rink.

RINK RULES: NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL IS (Not a factor) OK it’s a factor, we shall drink, party and whatever after the game!

There will NOT be any rentals, or concessions, so bring food or snack for pre-game.

Locker room will be available to us at 6:30PM, so get there sometime before that.

I’ll be there at 5:30PM or earlier to shake down the players who have not pre-paid. At that time check or money order will not cut it, CASH ONLY.

Payment: VERY IMPORTANT: We need to come up with a total of $500 to be able to use the facilities, or WE will not be able to play, and game off. So far as of today 8/23/12: I have received a total of $140.00 that’s seven players.

P.S. Based on the first survey back a few months ago we had roughly 30 people willing to play. I calculated this to be about $20.00 per person based on 30.

As for the actual game: All players should be bringing your equipment, duh!

Each player should bring two jerseys: one blue and one white.

Suggestions: Players should bring water bottle, towel, tape and anything else you think you will need.This will be a friendly-meet and greet game, so no checking, I do not want to see any of our LHH bloggers injured. Some of us are in our 40s and 50s and will not be there to check anyone head first into the boards, if you know what I mean. However if any of you should make the ultimate mistake of bringing a Rags jersey………your safety can not be guaranteed!

If you have any questions please email me:

If not see you'all there.

Russel Ginart

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