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Islanders Bits: Who Gains from a Lockout? Who Gains if There's None?

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"Someone told me you'll one day be dumped for a player who makes $7 million. Perhaps an Oiler?"
"Someone told me you'll one day be dumped for a player who makes $7 million. Perhaps an Oiler?"

Yesterday's CBA counter-proposal from the owners -- detailed some in USA Today here, poo-pooed considerably here, and chatted about here -- takes the headlines as people await the NHLPA's likely incredulous response today. But are other more fun Islanders topics to mull over:

  • As has been brought up in various threads here, would a lockout help the Islanders? [Angus]
  • Could playing next to John Tavares really help Brad Boyes? (Um, yes. But the question is by how much) [CBS | FanShot] ... or is Kyle Okposo the answer? [TCL]
  • Muir gives the Islanders a poor summer grade. [SI]
  • New: Here is the Isles offseason report at the SB Nation hub from yours truly.
  • IPB chatted with Matt Donovan, Sasquatch. [IPB]
  • A look into the workouts that transformed John Tavares, handsy talent, into John Tavares, fine-skating talent. [NHL, with video embedded below]
  • An OHL follower looks at the Islanders' top OHL prospects. Some thoughts on Strome. [OHL Prospects]
  • From Arthur Staple on Lubomir Visnovsky: Garth Snow hopes for an expedited hearing on Sept. 4, and yes, silly, the NHL approved the trade at the time with both teams.
  • Do the Islanders have the best and the worst jersey in the NHL? [Stripes tumblr]
  • Is the lockout holding Brenden Kichton hostage? [TCL]
  • Freddy Meyer IV enters the coaching ranks with Manchester.
  • It's of course much easier to blame Bettman for everything, but ... reality is more complex. (In other words, if you think everything is Gary Bettman's fault, you never heard of Gil Stein or John Ziegler.) Meanwhile, a theory on where the owners are coming from.

John Tavares is Busting his Tail

Oh, I suppose he's okay. I mean I could probably do that on my lunch break, I'm sure...