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Lazy Sunday Video: Shake It Out

Fun for a Sunday: This is not quite your usual fan video. Neat package of highs and lows from the 2011-12 season weaved together and set to "Shake It Out" by Florence & The Machine.

User ghalbart posted a FanShot linking to it and it went over well, so we thought it worth an airing on another lazy Sunday. If you like this one, the creater -- xarcadiax on YouTube -- has several other Isles-centric videos:

Above anything else, that clip made me realize just how much I'll miss NHL hockey if there is another damned lockout. (Shhh, don't tell Gary Bettman. Speaking of that topic ... look for a little LHH Zeitgeist to come later.) Even in tough seasons, so many fun moments and memories are forged.

For other random fan associations, here's a ... carefully and faithfully constructed gift card box in the likeness of Nassau County Veterans Memorial Coliseum.