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Video: Sports Fans Digest Their Own Mistakes after Loss

Sports fans have superstitions. Sometimes they take them too far.

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Bongarts/Getty Images

My father was a twisted sort, who led (or enabled?) me at an early age to believe my behavior affected the outcome of pro sports games. As my social interests expanded in my teenage years and I no longer made it a point to watch or listen to every game with him, when I'd call* him for a game recap from whatever party I was attending, he would often end loss reports with "because you were not watching, of course."

*This is before you could get scores on your phone. Actually, this is before you could access a phone other than at a home or a gas station.

Every fan does this to some degree, subconsciously or overtly. As we watch our favorite teams, like prehistoric humans powerless to influence nor understand our fate, we turn to superstition, habit, and any coincidental behavior that seems to "work." (I can neither confirm nor deny that I once almost sacrificed my nephew on an altar because I thought it was what Frans Nielsen would have wanted.)

And when we fail in those behaviors, we sometimes blame ourselves. Which makes the post-game press scrum a tough one:

OCD Fan Press Conference from Take It Back Productions on Vimeo. You might remember them from the "ordering take-out like a pro athlete" bit, among other clips. Yes, there is ample Islanders shwag.

Alright, it's August. Any fan (or athlete, in-game) superstitions you still have, or successfully shed except for those moments where you really, really need to try anything?