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NHL CBA Update: P.M. Meeting Canceled...Which Could Mean Anything

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Apologies to those who are tired of this (I wish there was a CBA blocker on the site), but the headlines that CBA negotiating meetings were "canceled" today could actually mean a variety of things. What we do know:

  • The NHL and NHLPA met informally in the morning.
  • At that time, they agreed to cancel the previously schedule afternoon session. (Donald Fehr called this an "ordinary" sign.)
  • The NHLPA says they talked "core economic issues," the NHL says they discussed how to "chart a way forward."
  • Meetings already scheduled for Thursday will take place.

This could mean the infamous "gulf" remains wide, or it could mean one or both sides have opened up alternate paths that require their opposition to consider before resuming meetings as scheduled tomorrow. Or it could mean there was no movement to discuss today, both sides are entrenched, and they'll deal with less contentious issues tomorrow. (I've yet to see it specified what is on the agenda in tomorrow's talks.)

As the world turns... Elsewhere, feel free to bring up whatever other news is on the mind, like Taylor Hall's contract extension for seven years, $42 million (with Jordan Eberle to follow?). Or whether there is still hope for the Isles in Nassau. And, you know, because we read a lot of pages for it, don't miss our review of John Leake's book investigating the death and coverup of former Islanders draft pick Duncan MacPherson.