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Islanders Bits: Careful with that Ferrari, Lubo

<em>"Hey, still have the Ferrari?" </em>>> "Well...still have <em>a</em> Ferrari."
"Hey, still have the Ferrari?" >> "Well...still have a Ferrari."

You likely heard the news -- first panic, then mildly assuaged worry -- that Lubomir Visnovsky's crazy summer continued with a crash in an auto race in Slovakia. [Non-crash update: Visnovsky's arbitration hearing is set for Sept. 4, according to Larry Brooks.]

The picture of the practically sheered-off front end of his Ferrari -- hey, it's #17, how cool! -- is enough to make a fan grateful for modern safety this and that.

The Islanders released a statement saying Garth Snow spoke directly to Visnovsky and reports "no serious injuries," which is to say he's at minimum going to be sore for several days but probably will be just fine in time for a lockout a void of his trade training camp. So, you know, more theater.

Elsewhere in the fine August world of hockey:

Stat-Like Substance:

CBA-type Thing:

May you have hockey again at a reasonable time.