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Today's Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast: Cloudy with Partial Danza

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The "Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast" - a handy new widget to help you track the team's next home.
The "Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast" - a handy new widget to help you track the team's next home.

The second most frequently asked question Islanders fans hear lately (the most frequent simply being, of course, "Why?"), is "Are the Islanders moving to Brooklyn?"

At this time, the question is impossible to answer. There are still too many variables in play, too many options and too many unpredictable characters still to be counted before the fan's fears are finally, at long last, put to rest.

In the interest of keeping fans abreast of the latest news, Lighthouse Hockey and The Weather Channel are proud to introduce the Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast, a convenient widget tracking the team's possible migration from Nassau County to Kings County. We hope it will act as a "one stop shop" for all of the questions interested parties may have about the on-going situation.

Updates to the forecast will be posted periodically to reflect the team's current status. In order to reach the widest possible audience, the Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast utilizes a combination of the most state-of-the-art measurements as well as the comforting, familiar presence of some of Brooklyn's most famous sons (and one daughter).


News about the Islanders' arena situation changes wildly and abruptly by the hour. Every statement, every development, every blurb from anybody is of paramount importance. Stay on top of everything with the Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast.

For technical questions about the Islanders to Brooklyn Forecast, send an e-mail to


The forecast is a shameless rip-off of two things: 1. The Royal Half's "Are the Kings in the Playoffs" page. If you're on Twitter follow that man at @TheRoyalHalf; and 2. The classic Commodore 64-styling of the Weather Channel's old Air Quality report. Graphics were um...borrowed from's WeatherStar400 emulator page and the fonts were from The Weather Channel's TWC Classics page.