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Islanders Bits: Shockingly, Developers See Coliseum RFQ as Political

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Someone should really develop this place.
Someone should really develop this place.

Well here's a story that will stun you as much as seeing the sun set in the West each day: Newsday says developers are reluctant [mobile users here] to take the County up on the Nassau Coliseum redevelopment RFQ. I know right?! Among the reasons:

"They remain concerned about the project's potential to make money. They cited the troubled economy, zoning restrictions, the lack of public funding and perhaps the biggest unknown -- New York Islanders owner Charles Wang 's plans for the team -- as reasons."

Some also characterized this chapter in the saga as -- you might want to sit down here -- "political posturing." No kidding. These RFQ stories come with the Islanders continuing not to respond with comment on the issue.

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Back to where hockey meets municipal disarray: Really, really sounds like the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation is no closer to resolution, which means Shane Doan probably hits the market for real (Philadelphia?). Sounds like the Red Wings are out of the running on Doan.

Hey, it's either read those or do work on a summer Friday.