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Islanders Bits: With Visnovsky, it's not you, it's the principle of the thing

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New York hockey players.
New York hockey players.

If you're through digesting the Lubomir Visnovsky grievance news, how you read it comes down to what you believe, probably. If the grievance was indeed filed last month, before free agency began, then you might buy the explanation from Visnovsky's agent Neil Sheehy:

"This has really nothing to do with the Islanders. For Lubo, this is about establishing what's right and whether a team has the right to move him in the manner that they did."

A guy with (he thought) a no-trade clause, testing his right to remain where he thought he'd be for the rest of his contract? Sure, it's plausible.

On the other hand, if you think it's another case of the Islanders scorned (not that the Ducks are in much better shape, but home is home...), then it's a guy doing everything he can to avoid becoming a walk-year rental on a team that hasn't seen the playoffs since 2007. Arbitration will be the ultimate, well, arbiter, but it's still a good bet Visnovsky starts the season as an Islander. Whenver that season starts.

Other news and readable links to chew:

The Sheehy quote was from this Newsday piece.

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Along with Visnovsky angst (and in that same Visnovsky thread) came further Isles fan mourning as the Rangers landed Rick Nash. I don't think the deal is as clear of a win as many of you. Here's Blueshirt Banter reacting (search: George). Look for more takes on the Nash trade (including from my biased lens) at the SB Nation hub.

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