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Bits: Act Now before NHL Free Agent Bargains are Gone

While they're all partying, Johnny T's selling tickets.
While they're all partying, Johnny T's selling tickets.

Woof woof. Free agency has slowed to foraging for apples that have rolled far from the talent tree. Salvage pickups Peter Mueller (Florida, $1.75 million) and Wojtec Wolski (Washington, $600,000 (!)) have now been signed at opposite ends of the Brad Boyes price point.

Wolski in particular is interesting, because he's been discarded by enough teams to scare you off yet has shown enough flashes that $600,000 is an absolute no-brainer bet any NHL team should make. Further, he was just with the Panthers, who decided to pay Mueller nearly three times as much. (Not that factors of two or three in the Boyes section of the catalog are all that costly.)

With those guys off the market, you have Kyle Wellwood and Carlo Colaiacovo taking up the store window slot at forward and defensive, respectively. Neither is exciting, but both are useful. (Yes, there is Shane Doan too, but his free agency comes with caveats, petitions and just a few chosen partners.)

Otherwise, the arbitration schedule is set, but even there TJ Oshie and Sam Gagner represent the only somewhat interesting cases.

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