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New York Islanders/NHL Free Agency Open Thread, Links

Sign and enjoy Long Island.
Sign and enjoy Long Island.

Today's the day. Crazy things will happen. You just hope they don't happen to your team, unless they're crazy in a "You know what? This thing just might work." sort of way.

The Islanders have their needs. Vaguely referenced by Garth Snow in the Post, fairly speculated here in Newsday. NYI FYI offered some potential targets.

Chat all day: This post can be your all-day "home base" thread, but for live Skype-tastic interaction Keith and Mark are bringing the Flashlight back to chat things over live at about noon. [link at] Harass them.


If you're sharing rumors/reports here or in the Flashlight thread, kindly provide a source or link, or else prepare to be laughed at like the average message board or Twitter chump.