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2012 NHL Draft Profile: Scott Kosmachuk, Willing to Chuck

This is a picture of All-Stars on an elevator. Not relevant, but when else are we gonna use it?
This is a picture of All-Stars on an elevator. Not relevant, but when else are we gonna use it?

Scott Kosmachuk is a Guelph Storm teammate of New York Islanders 2011 pick Andrey Pedan, so you know Isles development staff have had ample exposure to Kosmachuk.

In the Isles 2012 NHL Draft previews with quick comments from staff or prospects, Trent Klatt's comment conforms with the general word on Kosmachuk, a right wing: Gritty, with a good shot.

As with any prospect projected for the second round, there's a mix strengths and weaknesses that have observers juggling "could be something" with "don't expect too much." People aren't sure how effective a scorer he'll be at the next level, which tempers enthusiasm for his surge to a 30-goal season (up from 6 goals in 2010-11).

For the Islanders specifically, by current ranking he would be seen as a reach at the 34th overall pick, and a fortunate steal at #65. But "Scott Kosmachuk" is a fun name -- which is one of the ways you can qualify for a draft profile survey here at Lighthouse Hockey -- so here is where various services rank him and what some have to say about him:


Cory Pronman, Hockey Prospectus:

... moves his feet pretty quickly, which is more a testament to his motor than any particular thing with his mechanics. He has solid hands—I've heard scouts say they're above-average, but I'm leaning more towards solid-average on that front. He can certainly handle the puck in motion and has nice in-tight coordination but I'm not sure I envision him as an offensive creator. ... He certainly likes to live around the physical areas and physical game, showing good effort and tenaciousness on the forecheck and he regularly gets involved in the rough stuff after the whistle...

The Scouting Report:

... going to have to overcome a few challenges to be an effective NHL player, but we really believe he’s got the blend of goal scoring ability and grit that might make him a very effective NHL player one day. Kosmachuk does a great job of driving the net and getting shots off which has been the primary catalyst behind his offensive success in the OHL. While not the biggest player, he works hard and shows a willingness to finish checks. His two-way game has been improving...

The Hockey News (Draft Preview):

"It depends on the night you see him," said one talent evaluator. "How high he goes in the draft will depend on viewings and his performance at the combine. Are you selling a top-six forward or a bottom-six forward?" ... Kosmachuk is also willing to drop the gloves, though it's not something he's counted on for.

Really nice profile by Kirk Luedeke, New England Hockey Journal, including this:

“If you hadn’t seen me play before, then I would describe myself as a player who will do anything to win. I block shots, make defensive plays, sacrifice anything to get the win. I bring speed; scored 30 goals, so I can find the back of the net. I think it’s just trying to be a solid all-around player and doing what I can to help the team.”

One scout believes polishing up his skating game should be on Kosmachuk's agenda.

"He's a hard-working player with good finish around the net," said an NHL scout out of the Western Conference. "The Under-18s hurt him because his skating looked rough."

(In case it's not obvious, all of these snippets link to fuller accounts of the prospect.)

Monster Score (out of 5): Three stars

Good Tough Canadian Boy Score: Four stars