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LHH Zeitgeist: U-Haul Truck Rates for NHL Free Agents

"I call shotgun!"
"I call shotgun!"

Dear Valued U-Haul Customer:

Congratulations on achieving your long-awaited free agency year! You earned it.

You're about to receive an obscene amount of money and, as a proud sponsor of the NHL, we here at U-Haul want to make your cash moving as easy possible.

Attached are our updated service rates for this NHL free agency season. All listed rates will go into effect July 1, 2012.

Whether you're due for a king's ransom, a just reward for time served or a last ditch flyer to avoid playing in Siberia, U-Haul has got your mad money moving needs covered. To order, call 1-800-U-HAUL12 or contact your team's Players Association representative today*.

The NHL and U-Haul: When you get paid mountains of cash, let us move them for you.

- U-Haul NHL Team

* Vehicles subject to availability. Please be sure to order the appropriate-sized vehicle for your new contract. KHL signees can call 1-800-STEERAGE for hauling rates to Russia.


NOTE: Rates for "The Old Devil" may be on the rise. Call now!