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2012 NHL Draft: New York Islanders Draft D again with Adam Pelech

It's three for D so far for the New York Islanders at the 2012 NHL Draft. In the third round with pick #65 they selected Erie defenseman Adam Pelech, their third blueline selection in as many rounds.

Pelech shoots left, is 6'2", 210 lbs., and is the third of the Pelech brothers to enter the NHL pipeline. (Matt was drafted by Clagary in 2005, Michael was drafted by Los Angeles in 2010.)

Obviously Pelech's big frame is a draw, as he's been used in tournaments and for Erie in penalty kill roles, where his defensive zone reads earn plays. He missed more than 20 games with a wrist injury which affected his draft year season, and other injuries for Erie pushed him into an offensive role that doesn't suit him.

Essentially, the Islanders are drafting a big shutdown defenseman with limited offensive potential. McKeen's says he "plays to his strengths, never overhandles the puck" and makes a crisp, accurate first pass to streaking forwards in the neutral zone. They also say Pelech's skating will need improvement. Corey Pronman at Hockey Prospectus also commends Pelech's shutdown abilities while voicing concern about his skating stride.

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