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NHL Awards: Glitzy Calm before the Draft Storm

Vote For Fenster.
Vote For Fenster.

The NHL awards are tonight in Vegas and there's all sorts of pomp and celebrity presenter nonsense and what-not. For the New York Islanders, Matt Moulson is up for the Lady Byng, but otherwise there's not any Isles-related suspense there.

Still, it makes sense to think about who is worthy. We covered several of the awards with our own panel picks (linked below along with other current clips) immediately following the season.

Consider this your awards night and general news bits (links below) thread.

Previous Awards Discussion

I find the Hart Trophy for MVP impossibly hard to pick. (A goalie? A top scorer? A top two-way player? Take your pick.)

As for the Selke Trophy for best defensive forward, I mean ... well ... do I even have to speak his name?

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