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Islanders Bits: Awards, Draft and Trade(?) Week in the NHL

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Age 28, $7.8 million (cap) for the next six seasons.
Age 28, $7.8 million (cap) for the next six seasons.

Before the hype for teenagers and future stars on Friday and Saturday, the NHL will offer pomp for the established ones with the annual awards on Wednesday. But the backdrop to all of it will be trade, trade and still more trade speculation.

Leading the way is the restart of the Rick Nash Sweepstakes, with several teams reportedly interested in the sniping ability behind the $7.8 million cap hit, but the Rangers treated as the entitled team as long as they don't have to give up anything of value.

In far, far less sourced scuttlebutt -- but the kind we'll see more of as teams jockey for the draft and free agency and agents jockey for leverage -- comes a suggestion that Evander Kane, an RFA, doesn't want to negotiate a new deal with the Jets. [Jets fan discuss that rumor at Arctic Ice Hockey.]

Unrelated to that, Tobias Enstrom is entering his walk year: Should the Jets consider auctioning him? (And if so, want to make an Islanders offer for either Jet in this FanPost?)

Speaking of the Islanders, here's Newsday's draft preview. Arthur Staple will chat about the draft Wednesday. More on the draft, from hither and yonder:

Outside of the Draft

The Davidson speculation comes after former owner Dave Checketts, as he is wont to do, gave Davidson a pretty fat contract extension (reported 3 years, as much as $2 million per year) even though Checketts wasn't going to own the team any longer. The new ownership, seeing the Blues' well-staffed management, would reasonably question whether that contract is a good investment -- imagine that money going out the door to a close friend of the out-going owner when you already have a GM and other hockey personnel executives. But it's a contract, so ...

Hope all you dads had a grand Father's Day, whether it was marked by a well-intended but poorly cooked breakfast or just some peace and quiet and a beverage.