Evander Kane and Tobias Enstrom

It's been reported that Evander Kane, who's an RFA, doesn't want to negotiate a new contract with the Jets. Apparently he's had some issues with Claude Noel (the coach) and people in the Winnipeg community. Here's the link:

It's also been reported that the Jets might move Tobias Enstrom, who's a UFA at the end of next season and will probably be in line for a big increase from the $3.75 million he's now making. Here's the link:

If the Isles wanted to make a blockbuster deal with Winnipeg for Kane and Enstrom, what would you give up?

Would Nino (and/or Anders Lee), de Haan, the 4th overall pick this year and a 2012-13 2nd rounder get it done? Would some or all of that bring back Kane by himself? Or what about Enstrom by himself? That would probably take a good bit less.

Whatever issues he's having, Kane is a unique player in the sense that he can put up 30 goals AND act as an enforcer in the mold of Clark Gillies or Bobby Nystrom, i.e., a big-time fighter who can score. That kind of player can have a big impact up and down the line-up.

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