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Hitman Matt Martin #9 on Top 25 Islanders Under 25

Martin makes the Hulk sad.
Martin makes the Hulk sad.

Six of the top 11 players remaining on our spring 2012 Top 25 Islanders Under 25 countdown are from the 2008 draft class, a cohort that has steadily moved its way from juniors/NCAA/Europe to the AHL (except for that precocious kid who skipped a grade) and now increasingly to the NHL.

The two latest postings -- David Ullstrom at #11 and Kevin Poulin at #10 -- were from the Class of '08, and today's featured player is too.

Once passed over, Matt Martin is a year older than most of his '08 classmates, so with 153 NHL games he's second in the cohort to Josh Bailey's 291. (Travis Hamonic is third, with 135.) It's likely -- or at least hoped -- that he will be passed on this list as other younger, higher ceiling talent in the pipeline matures. But right now he's established himself as an NHLer and one who has a defined role for the foreseeable future.

In our postseason report card for Martin, we discussed some of the reasons -- including his progress and impressive restraint while reaching the NHL hits record. Below are the ballots that landed him at #9 on our 25U25 list.

How We Voted

This one was a good example of where potential and established NHL achievement run against each other on our 25U25. As explained in the footer of these posts, some of us weigh future potential, ceiling and role higher, while some of us weigh our votes more toward who can step in as (or already is) an effective NHLer today.

As mentioned above, though a little more improvement can be expected, Martin already is about what he should be as an NHLer: A bruising fourth-line type who can play up a line and occasionally provide size, physicality and even a net presence on higher lines to mix things up for a shift or two.

As more under-25 players start to reach their potential as NHL regulars, they should end up pushing Martin down this list, but not off the roster.

DOB Draft CIL Mark mikb Chris Dom KQ ICSFI
Matt Martin
5/8/1989 2008 14 8 6 10 13 7

Panelists: CanadianIslesLifer making a return appearance, as well as most of the authors at LHH.

Note: For those LHH readers who sent their own selections in, JPinVA has them summarized in this FanPost. That one will be fun to measure against our panelists' results.

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