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Don Cherry and "Commie Stuff"

They're all wearing red....PINKOS!
They're all wearing red....PINKOS!

Don Cherry garnered a little more negative attention last night on the CBC post game show after Ron Maclean indicated the Kings may be wearing down from excessive travel.

Fortunately for us, Maclean gave their cumulative travel numbers in kilometers which Cherry couldn't process leading him to ask, "How many is that in real miles? Don't give me any of that commie stuff." Puck Daddy's Harrison Mooney posted the story with video (@jonkit) and timeless photo (@seanallin99).

After the jump, and in no particular order (despite numbering...which is commie stuff), a list of other things that Don Cherry thinks is commie stuff.

  1. Vodka
  2. Poor backchecking
  3. Ballet
  4. Good cigars
  5. The beginning of Rocky IV
  6. Roman numerals
  7. Low Olympic scores for figure skating and gymnastics
  8. Birthmarks (Think Gorbachev)
  9. Picture licensing
  10. Red stuff
  11. Bears
  12. Stores that don't sell horrible fabric by the yard

  13. Lo Mein

  14. Ovechtricks

  15. Transfer agreements

  16. Karate

  17. Strange spacing that won't go away
  18. Al Montoya Images_medium