The Angstlander -- Inside the mind of an anxious Islanders fan (that means you!)

(Meant to be read in allcaps, exclamation points and bad spelling).

1. The Islanders are gone by 2015! Of course they are. Barclay's is not a long term solution because the seating is ridiculous. And Wang won't want to be just a tenant. And seriously, Brooklyn?? Also, why do you think the new arena in Quebec City is scheduled to be complete in time for the 2015-2016 season? You know what else is support to happen in 2015?? (Hint: it has to do with something expiring).

2. What's worse, the Rangers and the Devils will both win the Stanley Cup this year, which will just remind New Yorkers of how irrelevant the Islanders are. And make Islander fans feel even crappier than usual.

3. Don't expect Wang to let Snow spend any money on UFAs this season. And even if he would, what decent NHL player would want to come here?

4. Asbestos!!! [Cough-cough]

5. Nino's a bust. De Haan's a bust. Bailey's a bust (we knew that). Strome's not a bust yet but will be soon. You'll see. And just to emphasize this point, Couurier will win the Selke and Dougie Hamilton will win the Calder. Also, the guy the Isles will pick this June? Yup. He's a bust too.

6. DP will get yet another chance to prove he's the number 1 goalie.

7. This summer's Yashin rumors will turn out to be true. He'll replace PAP, who, of course, isn't re-signing.

8. Nikita Filatov emerges out of nowhere as a top-line NHL scorer.

Did I miss anything?

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