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Video: Jesse Joensuu High Stick [Friday Playoff Watch Thread]

This is our nightly playoff watch thread, for those checking in on the game or lurking later to see what others thought. Not sure how many will watch Game 3 of the Coyotes at Predators, but it's been an entertaining series so far. Nashville will again sit Scottsdale party boys Alexander Radulov and Kostitsyn The Foolhardy.

Meanwhile, to gross you out, here's video (h/t BenHasna) of Jesse Joensuu taking an ugly, bloody wound near the eye at the World Championship, courtesy of Mikhail Grabovsky's quite careless high stick.

Yikes. He didn't have that panicked response you normally see when a player suffers an eye injury, so hopefully he was "lucky" with the placement there.

Enjoy the playoff game (if you're not out painting the town Radulov), and if you caught any games from the opening day of the World Championship, leave your thoughts in comments. The host countries (Sweden and Finland) each won their opening games, while Kyle Okposo scored twice in the U.S. 7-2 win over France and John Tavares was held scoreless in Canada's 3-2 win over Slovakia. (So, bust, obviously.)