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Bits: Kyle Okposo Playoff Shocker; Lidstrom Calls it a Career

In a moment of sport confusion, Kyle Okposo and Mark Eaton go up for a jump puck.
In a moment of sport confusion, Kyle Okposo and Mark Eaton go up for a jump puck.

"I think I've watched more NBA playoffs than NHL."

--Kyle Okposo, in Newsday

Sacrilege! And from a good Minnesota boy at that! Why, I tell ya this is the problem with all these kids and their newfangled {rabble rabble rabble, shouts at cloud}.

More seriously, that quote is from a Newsday profile on how Okposo and Matt Moulson have a keen interest in the Stanley Cup finals thanks to respective Minnesota buddies and -- stop me if you've heard this -- in-laws. Good piece.

As to the actual game, some SB Nation coverage: Kings fans generally pleased; Devils fans expecting a shakeup of the lines. From my end, despite the Kings controlling play, I thought Jonathan Quick was a little too scrambling out there -- more like old Quick rather than 2011-12 Quick. Devils missed a chance to steal one.

Back to Newsday, they were required by community mandate to blow out the one line from Gary Bettman's State of the League address that referenced the Islanders. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Speaking of mandates, in that address Bettman also blinked his eyes in code said he was optimistic about the Coyotes sale. Lather, rinse...

General Hockey

Meanwhile, Russia celebrates its IIHF world champions. (Do you have the degree Merited Master of Sport?) I didn't think so. ... And then buried in that update: Another team is threatened to disappear. According to media reports Metallurg Novokuznetsk is not able to pay the players and staff anymore as club sponsor Evraz won’t cover debts summing up to 250 million Rubles (€6m).