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Hockey Bits: Frans Nielsen's Denmark Aiming Higher

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Not Pierre McGuire.
Not Pierre McGuire.

If you told me a 1-1 game would go to triple-OT this playoff round, my first guess would've been Coyotes-Predators. But my second guess would definitely be Capitals-Rangers.

Those two are engaged in a collapsing shot-block fest that's awful for regular season hockey, but when everything is on the line in the postseason it does make for tense, entertaining drama. Lots of bloody jerseys and ugly stitches and welts added to the "this is playoff hockey" feel, while message-sending hits disappeared as players went into energy conservation mode.

I admit, send a game to triple OT and I'm hooked, even if it's D#$% Hunter's turn every game into a coin flip squad. Their loss last night adds to the annals of torturous multiple-OT losses for them, including some Easter one that was won by some [name redacted] guy.

Kirill Petrov's reported contract extension in the KHL is discussed here. The rest of the A.M. bits follow below (as always, share more in comments) ...