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[Playoff Watch Thread] Michael Grabner is Really into This Vote for Tavares NHL13 Thing

"There is no tomorrow. THERE IS NO TOMORROW." -<em>-Apollo Creed</em>
"There is no tomorrow. THERE IS NO TOMORROW." --Apollo Creed

He's got his son in on the #VoteJohnOnTheJohn and he's been campaigning left and right to get John Tavares on the cover of NHL 13. Now New York Islanders winger Michael Grabner has added the campaign as motivation for his workouts:

Talk about "commitment." All it's missing is the Rocky theme. (Yes you can vote all weekend here.)

And yes, this was just an excuse to post this video and make this post our evening's playoff watch thread for the Rangers vs. Devils Game 6. If you're able to see the Memorial Cup tonight, feel free to chime in updates on that too.