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Islanders Prospect David Ullstrom on Concussion, Bridgeport, Swedes

Today's LHH topics, young and old.
Today's LHH topics, young and old.

This was a late addition to the morning links, but it bears calling out for our summer drive-by audience: A thorough interview with David Ullstrom in HockeySverige (rough Google translation link here).

The interview covers a wide range of topics, including his season in Bridgeport, his hopes for a regular job with the New York Islanders, his scary concussion experience, being in the Isles organization with its history, and his thoughts on fellow Islanders' Swedes Anders Nilsson and John Persson.

Ullstrom, 23, obviously wants a regular job with the Isles next season but also knows the competition for that job from his fellow prospects is increasing.

A good pull-out for our purposes, on his development process last season after what he called a disappointing training camp:

Brent Thompson pushed me to get better. We decided early on that I would be the next player to be [recalled to the Isles], and he helped me to become so. He lay on me all the time about getting me good habits and be careful with the details of the game.

There's also a funny sidebar about his NHL and AHL encounters in the faceoff circle with Devils prospect Mattias Tedenby (whom MSG watchers were told a time or 20 is a good friend of Ullstrom's). A good read all around.