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IIHF: Jesse Joensuu Eliminates USA; Satan's Slovaks Dump Canada

Bongarts/Getty Images

At the IIHF World Championship, Canada is going home after the quarterfinals again thanks to a late Ryan Getzlaf penalty which led to a game-winning powerplay goal by Slovakia.

But for drama, that paled in comparison to how co-host Finland eliminated the United States: New York Islanders property Jesse Joensuu scored two goals, the second coming with just eight seconds left in the game to give Finland the 3-2 win in front of home fans. They'd tied it with seven minutes left in the third period on Mikko Koivu's goal.

Here is post-game reaction from players in the earlier game (including old Isle Miroslav Satan, who scored); I love the open media area where still-dressed players from both teams give their interviews:

Although the IIHF still posts all their stats in user-unfriendly PDF form, they are pretty good at collecting these clips and posting to YouTube. We'll update later when reaction from the Finland-USA game is up. [UPDATE: Video is posted, including Joensuu comments, below the jump.]

Earlier, Russia dispatched Norway, and the final QF game features Sweden and the Czechs. Meanwhile, North America goes home without a medal once again.

Finland - USA Post-Game: Joensuu on the Winner

...and a Three-Minute Island Quickie: Yay for JJ, but still doubtful on his NHL prospects: