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Playoff Poll/Watch Thread: Rangers vs. Devils


The Horror on the Hudson. The Metro Malaise. The Gotham Gurgitation.

Whether you're watching and hoping for a carwreck or averting your eyes while still hoping the same, you can still leave your pick for the Eastern Conference final that tragically features the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils revisiting their playoff encounter from 18 years ago in the Season That Didn't Happen, actually.

In fact, if memory serves, there was a lockout or something and they canceled the Stanley Cup and disposed of the World Series. But some still insist there was a Cup that year, awarded after some billionaires briefly moved the Edmonton Oilers to Manhattan.

Anyway ... dare we ask who your head and heart has in this one?

Pick 'em

Head Says: Whatever. But Rangers in 7, I guess.

Heart Says: Yeah, whatever too. But Devils, I guess.

But I know some of you are quite opinionated on this series, and quite opinionated on which team you detest most. Feel free to share.

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