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Hockey Bits: Marty Reasoner Parallel? Blues Have an Owner...ship

"Be cool, be cool." | "Just act natural."
"Be cool, be cool." | "Just act natural."

Good morning. There was no NHL hockey last night, and that was weird. Reading fodder to fill that vast, empty void:

Playoffs are a welcome tonic for the Devils' finances.

Couple of good looks at the Kings in terms of possession and line matching.

Two things from this: Another GM expecting the cap to go up to $69 million (!), and ... where do you suppose Jaromir Jagr will want to play next?

Heh. Chatting with Ilya Bryzgalov about Year 1 with Philadelphia Flyers: ‘People only see the bad in me’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Fun: Melrose's Place: Top Goalie Masks Video - NHL VideoCenter

The Blues finally have a new owner, er owners, and it's a group of local millionaire fans coaxed into buying the team. That's a lot of egos, which always makes me nervous (best intentions often end in divorce), but they have a promising attitude from the outset anyway:

"The legacy is made up of the players who have worn the Blue Note ... the players who have won games and lost games and played their hearts out over the last 44 years," Stillman, 60, said. "As owners, I see us as guardians of that legacy that these men have created."


"We're all involved in other charities and civic organizations. But the Blues are just one more local gem that we have to protect and keep here.

I'm nervous about the mix of personalities involved -- some overlapping social and professional circles make this surreal -- but am at least heartened by their opening approach.