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<em>Kate Murray is Town of Hempstead Supervisor.</em>
Kate Murray is Town of Hempstead Supervisor.

Kate Murray is the Supervisor for the Town of Hempstead, Long Island. This editorial is special to Lighthouse Hockey.

In my role as Town of Hempstead Supervisor, I have overseen many wonderful and beautiful public works projects in our town. We've planted trees in glorious Eisenhower Park, repainted the obstacles at the legendary Jones Beach miniature golf course and repaved the parking lot at the illustrious Nassau County Police Headquarters (with new lines and everything).

But one thing that has not been done yet is fixing up the Nassau Coliseum and its surrounding area. Somebody really needs to do something about that place.

My goodness, it looks like such a mess over there. The building is just so dingy and pale it looks like an old pill box hat my grandmother used to wear. Except for the ads. I think they plastered all those ugly "New York Islanders" and Optimum Online ads on the outside to cover-up the mildew and the bird poop. The fence around it is all rusty and bent out of shape and the parking lot is big and ugly and usually mostly empty. Unless you count the trash. And the Marriott.

It makes me sad. That area can be such a nifty place if someone just did something with it.

When is something going to be done about it? I mean, I'm here in my office all day everyday waiting for someone to do something and no one's done anything. Even when I'm out at a supermarket opening or campaigning for my next re-election at an assisted living center, I always come back to my office and check my answering tape machine for messages from somebody about doing something with the Nassau Coliseum. I haven't heard anything in a real long time.

I'm not asking for much. Just for someone to step up and do something. Gee whiz guys! Is it that hard to do something? Hello? Is anyone home? LOL!!

The zoning of the area is complete. We have not set any restrictions on what anyone can put there. All they have to do is run it by us and we'll be all set. And yet here we are waiting for something to happen.

Long Island has approximately 7.8 million residents and my staff tells me that nearly 7.1 million of them work in construction. Someone should build something at the Coliseum site. They can build whatever they want. Let your imagination run wild, constructors! Just give us a ring and let us know when you're ready. Then you can just zip on over and do something out there.

We have heard the complaints from Islanders fans about the lack of progress on a new Coliseum. I am also frustrated by this. Boy oh boy, is it boring just sitting around waiting for somebody to do something!

My door is always open. My desk is mostly clear (unless it's budget time and I need to look busy). I'd love for someone to drop off something on my desk about doing something with the property. Hopefully, it'll be something I like. :)


- Kate Murray, Town of Hempstead Supervisor


(This is a satire. Kate Murray didn't actually write it. The guy who did ripped off the idea from these guys.)