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Playoff Open Thread: Devils, Panthers ... McGuire

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And on the 14th day, the Western Conference rests. The Eastern Conference? They continue on, with two Game 7's (or Games 7 if you're prefer to avoid sporting vernacular) still ahead and a third possible if the New Jersey Devils hold serve tonight.

Vanquished are the Atlantic's A-holes ("A" is for "Arrogance"), the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pushed to the brink are the New York Rangers, who forced a Game 7 at Madison Square Garden.

But tonight there is only one game, a Game 6, in the series that was the last to get underway. The NHL's forgotten series, featuring the upstart Florida Panthers and the stepchildren Devils who face elimination. The series that has nationally been on NHL Network (U.S.) while other series took precedent.

Tonight, with literally no other options, NBC Sports shall lend its gravelly Albert and its monstrous McGuire to this underrated series to, uh, "test" your auditory sensibilities. McGuire, who recently said Alexander Semin hit the post after dekeing Dwayne Roloson because he "didn't bear down" -- seriously, I did not make that up! -- will carry the torch for all that is right and filled with good kids from junior hockey roots whose uncles he knows so it is so. Yeah.

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