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P.M. Playoff Open Thread: First Elimination Day

Maybe try making yourself look big. Okay, bigger.
Maybe try making yourself look big. Okay, bigger.

People 'round here are watching these playoffs and chatting them up, so we'll keep posting open threads for you to comment on the action and trade carrot cake recipes.

Tonight's the first night a team can be eliminated from the 2012 NHL playoffs, as the Canucks and Penguins (so sad it makes me re-think whether I should watch) both face the broom. Also, some other team has a 2-1 lead on the Senators.

7:30 EDT: Rangers at Sens (CBC, CNBC, RDS, MSG PLUS)
7:30 EDT: Pens at Flyers (TSN, NBCSN, RDS2, ROOT, CSN-PH)
10:00 EDT: Canucks at Kings (CBC, NBCSN, RDS)

Meanwhile, Patrick Sharp knows his hockey, and it's been a long time* since I giggled at work like I did after seeing these Ryan Kesler tumbleweed gifs.

*Okay, not really. Just about every LHH thread you all have me in stitches. Enjoy the games.