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Bridgeport Bits; Islanders 4th Picks in History

The Work Ethic is almost ready.
The Work Ethic is almost ready.

You probably heard the Edmonton Oilers won the Draft Lottery last night, which means the New York Islanders keep the 4th-overall pick. We discussed the dickens out of that in yesterday's threads, but the debate and philosophizing over the draft continues there.

Today's news has a Bridgeport slant as the Sound Tigers get ready to resume action Friday night against Providence, but first a quick look at the previous times the Islanders have had the 4th overall pick -- which unlike the 20th and the 22nd and the 30th pick, is now and has always been in the first round:

1974: Clark Gillies

Hey, he turned out okay!

Just missed: Wilf Paiement, one of the few who can say they wore #99 before wearing #99 was outlawed by this silly league cool.

Could've had: Dave Maloney, taken by the Rangers at #14. {smirk} The Isles also took Bryan Trottier in the second round, at #22, so it was an alright year.

1991: Scott LaChance

I mean, Scott LaChance is a guy...

Just missed: Scott Niedermayer at #3, which is why LaChance gets such a bad rap.

Could've had: Peter Forsberg, selected at #6 ... okay, that's really why LaChance gets a bad rap. Seriously, LaChance played 819 NHL games. That's not mild.

They also took Ziggy Palffy at #26 in the next round, so we can't complain 1991 sabotaged them. That came later.

1997: Roberto Luongo

Hey, he was OK too! Why, I remember his NHL debut as if I rewatched it yesterday.

Just missed: Olli Jokinen, taken by the Kings at #3. But ahhh Milbury fixed that in the Palffy trade now didn't he.

Could've had: Eric Brewer, selected by the Islanders at #4. ...Wait.

He Who Shall Not (usually) Be Named like taking a goalie high so much, he did it again three years later. Now he gets to play a hockey person on TV.

Islanders/Bridgeport Bits

General Hockey

Speaking of which, Mark has our playoff prediction pool up, and we'll also continue our series-specific posts and polls with your picks of how many games, etc. (The Canucks-Kings poll is here. And Predators-Red Wings is here.)

I'm also doing some coverage for the SB Nation hub and video for our YouTube channel, so you're going to see some of that here and there. The video stuff will probably (hopefully?) provide opportunities for some intentional laughs once the series get under way.