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Video: Islanders Owner Charles Wang Talks Brooklyn, Salary Cap Floor

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Charles Wang wanted to do his end-of-season broadcast address a little early this season -- displayed in the pre-game and during the intermissions on Fan Appreciation Day. Official video will be added to this when available:

While the stated reason for Wang grabbing the mic was to make sure he thanked fans for sticking with it in a tough season, MSG interviewer and team play-by-play man Howie Rose also asked about spending above the salary cap floor ("it isn't only spending money, it's bringing in the right kind of talent"), whether the team will be in New York beyond 2015, the Brooklyn situation -- including whether the Isles could even legally play any regular season games in Brooklyn before the Nassau Coliseum lease is up.

Naturally, Wang said he's been frustrated by the decade-long ordeal yet still wants to keep the team in New York -- whether Nassau "or Queens or Brooklyn, whatever" -- but there's "nothing definitive" at this point. He did share his feelings of arena envy after seeing the Barclays Center and the new stadium baseball's Marlins opened in Miami.

Regarding the team, of course he talked up the young core and gave the coach and GM a vote of confidence, briefly mentioning the need to assess defense and goaltending.

Finally, Wang shared his frustration with politicians in the marathon of expensive attempts to find agreement on how to replace aging Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. He mentioned how much he's lost on the team and spent on proposals like the Lighthouse Project as a sign that he has always been committed to keeping the team in the area.