Available Coaches

Ok, since we have been giving a ton of grief towards Cappy and most of us are feeling his days are numbered, whether he is fired this off season or very early into next season, I thought it would be a good idea to run the table on some available coaches.

This will not really be a very informative topic on my part but instead an open discussion on available coaches. The table is open to current NHL coaches whom might not be rehired, AHL coaches, NHL coaches without a current job, or even junior and college coaches whom might be open for discussion.

A couple of rules:

1. This is not about Cappy or whether he is staying, but more of a who would you like to see behind the bench. So you can agree or disagree and feel free to add your choices or thoughts.

2. Let us not worry about Snow or Wang for a minute and let us just look at the coaches.

I think that is it really, I will add some names to the table and we can move on from there. Since I cannot think of a thread that this has not come up in, and since there has been no dedicated fan post to the idea recently, I thought we could kick it off now, since we have a few days off from Islander Hockey.

On to the names:

NHL Coaches currently unemployed or Employed: (no particular order)

Paul Maurice - last with Carolina Hurricanes

Mike Keenan - last with Calgary Flames

Brent Sutter - currently with Calgary Flames (last year in deal)

Bob Hartley - last with Atlanta Flames

Marc Crawford - last with Dallas Stars

Ron Wilson - last with Toronto Maple Leafs

Craig McTavish - last with Edmonton Oilers

Andy Murray - last with the St. Louis Blues

David Payne - last with St. Louis Blues

Michel Therrien: last with Pittsburgh Penguins

John Stevens - last with Philadelphia

Assistant NHL Coaches:

Mike Haviland - with Chicago Blackhawks

Lane Lambert - with Nashville Predators

Kevin McCarthy - with Philadelphia Flyers

Well thats it for now as more names come up in the discussion I can surely add them to the list and add new categories.

I think a lot of us tend to agree that we would like a more experienced coach, which has not really come our way this past decade with the exception of Ted Nolan. The Islanders are a young team only getting younger so we need a coach that can relate to and motivate that youthfulness. We also feel that the Islanders need a "tougher" coach who has no problem sending a message to the players. (no passengers, accountability, you know that kind of thing). Most of all, we are clamoring for a coach who has been there before, where is that exactly, the playoffs and led their respective teams with consistency. Is there a man on that list or off it that you think can fulfill some of these attributes.

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