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Islanders Bits: Evgeni Nabokov 'Here to Play and Win Games'

Last night in the NHL was rather insane, with the Rangers and Devils engaging in an opening faceoff gong show -- three fights -- Washington winning a big game in Detroit, and disappointing playoff aspirant San Jose laying an egg at home to the rival Ducks. (Also odd: Bruno Gervais and Trevor Smith each scored for Tampa Bay.)

Speaking of eggs laid: Tonight's Islanders opponent, the Maple Leafs, absolutely collapsed in an 8-0 laugher in Boston. Mike Komisarek fought Milan Lucic and took a beating.

Meanwhile, closer to home: Evgeni Nabokov in Newsday on his contract status ("between [the agent and Snow]") and such: "We're not here to mentor anybody. ... If I stay, I'm here to play and win games."

Remember the talk in these parts that Nabokov's numbers were due to regress -- mostly because of his wildly high PK numbers? Yeah, about that...

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