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Whom Do You Fancy? New York Islanders Top 10 Prospect Lists

One of these DU guys is in the Top 10, and one is not.
One of these DU guys is in the Top 10, and one is not.

This is neither new nor fresh, but hasn't been discussed much (at least in this way) on this site, so here goes: The Hockey News "Future Watch" issue includes a refresh of each team's top 10 prospect list.

A comment in the previous thread here reminded me: In terms of whom you're most looking forward to seeing, how would you rank these Isles prospects? To get their Top 50 (75, really) rankings, THN uses ballots from GMs and scouts, the alliance and distribution unknown.

The Isles have three on THN's overall top 75, and their system was given a B+ rank (8th overall).

Here's THN's top 10 list for the Islanders. To show how the general flavor has shifted over the season, our site's preseason Top 25 Under 25 rank is in brackets -- but remember our 25U25 also includes five non-prospects already in the NHL:

THN Isles Top 10 (overall rank) [LHH 25U25 September rank]

1. Ryan Strome (9th overall) [5]
2. Calvin de Haan (49th overall) [10]
3. Brock Nelson (66th overall) [12]
4. Scott Mayfield [18]
5. Kevin Poulin [7]
6. Matt Donovan [13]
7. David Ullstrom [19]
8. Kirill Kabanov [11]
9. Anders Nilsson [15]
10. Casey Cizikas [16]

Please remember this is just one ranking, assimilated at a mid-winter moment in time. For full descriptions of THN's Top 10, you'd have to pick up the issue (the Isles page is on p. 43).

Since -- or while -- these rankings were collected (usually in January), Bridgeport went on a 2012 tear and Poulin and Nilsson took turns being named AHL Goalie of the Month, Cizikas and Ullstrom were recalled to the NHL, and Brock Nelson healed a sick puppy, among other impressive achievements.

So, do they have it right?