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Afternoon Interlude: Pick the Islanders 10,000th Goal

"Iz like, 10,000 iz so humongous big number, right?"
"Iz like, 10,000 iz so humongous big number, right?"

Regulars here typically pick the First Islanders Goal for each game (you can pick tonight's in this FIG thread). As Eric Hornick has been tracking all season -- and well since the Reagan administration, when you think about it -- the Islanders are now four goals shy of their 10,000th in franchise history.

Four is a tall order for tonight, but you never know. So we better get this up: Leave your pick for who will score the 10,000th goal. It could be tonight (hopefully), it could be a week from now (hopefully not).

So in comments, leave your pick for the scorer and who assists on the goal. We'll refer to this post until it happens ... whenever it happens. If you also select the time and the game, the person closest to the right pick overall will receive one free indulgence, no questions asked.

Also for distraction:

Michael Fornabaio in his Bridgeport chat today, on Ty Wishart: "The guy's getting every-situation minutes here. It's not like they've buried him because they called a couple of their high draft picks up for emergency recalls. ... He's been a part of the leadership here."

And also from Hornick: With Aaron Ness making his debut, it's time for another look at that bountiful 2008 draft.