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SB Nation Launches YouTube Channel, You Subscribe

Steve Staios is thrilled to learn of this latest venture.
Steve Staios is thrilled to learn of this latest venture.

Tomorrow SB Nation, which is the network home of Lighthouse Hockey, will launch its own YouTube channel. This wasn't a decision taken lightly -- writing and community moderating and building altars to Frans Nielsen is one thing, producing video is quite another. So they're doing it all sharp and professional.

Which means people who do these things right have been busy hiring talent and producers and procuring various necessities you need to run a video department (such as a shower, I imagine).

If you like the stuff you read at SB Nation blogs -- not just here, but in all those other sports -- I'm told you'll love the stuff that's been prepared for the channel. If that describes you, then this subscribes you. (That's my way of saying go subscribe to the channel.) I don't even follow other sports much, but the previews, a few of which are posted below, had me entertained.

Again, if you're one of those odd people who finds fulfillment in sports beyond hockey, then you're weird. I promise there will be plenty of material for you. Names like Amy K. Nelson and Bomani Jones and such. I can also promise Islanders-related content; but more on that later.

Teasers: SB Nation's YouTube Channel Launches March 1

What to Cover?

Once again, here's the link to watch and subscribe.