LHH Soma

Times are getting tough here as each of us slowly reaches his or her personal breaking point. Obviously the season didn't break how we'd hope, so here's something to take the edge off and nurse us through the rest of the year.

Obviously we start with RAINBOWS!!!!


Whether it's double rainbow guy, or Nyan cat, or the Rainbow Road who doesn't get a pick me up from a nice rainbow? Even better is the elusive Fransbow, which appears briefly as he lays down a BHoJ.


Cats, or puppies, or ponies should cover most animal lovers.

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But maybe some of us need something with more GRITZ like a crocodile


Or even better a Konopkadile!


Or maybe the surf and sand is how you unwind-so take a stroll with Garth and some of his friends.


Or get out on the water for some deep sea fishing


And remember, no matter how bad it gets these last few months, you can always stop back here because


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