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Islanders Bits: Nassau Asks Wang to Build a Coliseum...Again.

We're not moved here by each grandstanding public meeting around the Nassau Coliseum land, nor swayed by each blog forecasting how the latest rumors affect the endgame. But we feel some obligation to pass along what's being said when it makes headlines. The latest:

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano has offered Islanders owner Charles Wang an exclusive period to come up with a privately financed plan to redevelop the 77-acre Nassau Hub before the county seeks other options for the site.

Gee, if only Wang had offered to build-- Wait, what year is this again? That's from Newsday, but if you'd prefer the Cliff Notes to save your constitution, Dave summarized the main points [FanShot] last night.

Meanwhile, in the main topic area for this site, the Islanders hockey club is two points back of the Jets, their regulation time victims last night. In a rare case, all last night's results turned in the Islanders' favor, except for your usual Rangers hate (they shutout the Bruins), and unless you think they can still catch the Devils (they beat Buffalo).

Recaps of the 3-1 win over the Jets: LHH recap (with some audio links from Illegal Curve) | Newsday and Mark Herrmann's recap | The Winnipeg Sun has the Jets disappointed in their powerplay | The loss has the Jets captain clamoring for scoring help | The Sun had called it a must-win though | The Free Press called it a wasted chance | Arctic Ice Hockey shares disappointment | IPB glows in the victory

Hockey Prospectus' Timmo Seppa on Atlantic should-be trade deadline targets:

Puzzlingly utilized for a disproportionate number of offensive-zone draws by coach Jack Capuano over the first few months of the season, the 34-year-old was a predictably ineffective square peg in a round hole. Intriguingly for the faceoff-challenged Devils, though, Reasoner's most productive season since 2005-06 occurred for DeBoer's Florida Panthers in 2010-11 (7.8 GVT), when he scored a respectable 1.6 even-strength points per 60 minutes despite just 42 percent offensive-zone starts. Reasoner's former coach could be the key to maximizing the veteran's overall value, while his faceoff skills (54.1 percent) are undeniable.

Your fortune for the day: Just as life is a cycle that repeats, so too shall you be asked to do something you were already asked to do in 2007. Just accept it like it's a favor.