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NHL Lockout Links: Everybody's angry, depressed

Three days of negotiation, posturing and theater sent participants and observers alike over the ledge Thursday night.

Bruce Bennett

If ye be the gluttonous-for-punishment type, and which to be updated on all your NHL lockout news, our SB Nation NHL hub has a thorough stream of updates from reports around the league (that stream is also posted below the pictures on our homepage), including questions about whether the stars and depth players are now being divided by the league.

When you have 30 owners there's bound to be a range of views. When it's 700+ players, all the more variety. Donald Fehr's job is to keep their sights trained on getting the best deal they can, for as long as they're willing to sacrifice present income to get it.

Meanwhile, you glutton, here's other stuff to read about the lockout wars:

Not lockout at all: Ryan Strome collected three more points in Niagara's 9-0 demolition of Ottawa. That's 62 points in 31 games now. Man, if the lockout ever ends...