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CBA Negotiations: Dr. NHL and Mr. NHLPA

As noon came and went, the NHL and NHLPA hadn't even started to meet yet. Apparently the two sides can't agree on the forum for today's meeting. The NHLPA wants anyone who wants to partake allowed in, while the NHL would rather the same small group meeting as they did the past couple days.

The mood at the meetings (credit every hockey writer alive for this info) is, as Bob McKenzie put it, bizarre. Some participants feel like the sides are close enough that they can't imagine a deal not happening. Others believe that this is the day talks will fall apart.

Earlier in the morning, the media was told that they would not be able to stay on the premises. The NHL and NHLPA didn't want the media to be leaking negative reports surrounding the negotiations, but two hours later the media all still seem to be around and reporting at will.

Things are getting tense, nobody knows where these meetings are going, and it seems like this will play out as a manic day of negotiations. Most are in agreement though that this is the day where we'll see some kind of resolution to the lockout, whether positive or negative.