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Sound Tigers Slump Continues, Drop Behind Whale

Neither the NHL lockout nor the Sound Tigers' winless streak ended Wednesday night.

Sure, just hand him the puck.
Sure, just hand him the puck.
Bruce Bennett

Everything was looking promising after Bridgeport mounted pressure and John Persson tied it at 2-2 in the final minutes of the second period.

Then everything changed in a few early minutes of the third. J.T. Miller got two quick goals off turnovers to make it 4-2, and the Sound Tigers managed only four shots in that deflating third period.

The winless streak grows to seven. Once 10-4, they're now 10-10-0-1 and a point behind the Whale.

Jon Landry (now sporting an "A") scored again, on the powerplay. (As Chris asked on Twitter, is Landry becoming a candidate for the post-lockout Islanders?) Anders Nilsson couldn't bail out his team after two back-breaking turnovers on Miller's goals.

Brandon DeFazio fought, and apparently pummeled, Brandon Segal after Segal took out Matt Donovan. DeFazio received an ejection for leaving the bench to fight.

Game Coverage

Saturday in Albany. Sunday host to first-place Syracuse. In the meantime, you can watch CBA news or watch the world turn from space.