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Caucuses and Offers and Meetings, Oh My

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This is what the afternoon has been like for reporters stuck covering the NHL implosion:

RenLavoieRDS 3:54pm - "Talks are more off than on this afternoon. Both sides were in the same room for 10 minutes before owners went back in caucus."

KatieStrangESPN 4:20pm - "NHL/Owners side has returned."

RenLavoieRDS 4:26pm - "After 15 minutes, owners left the meeting room."

Now don't you feel guilty you don't follow UN General Assemblies and diplomatic summits this closely?

Our own PGI probably put it best:

cultureoflosing 4:25pm - "I feel bad for anyone else staying at the Westin Times Square hotel this week. #NHL #CBA"